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byteEDGE is an innovative new-age learning solution provider focused on changing the way modern adult workforce learns. with byte size immersive videos engineered to drive curiosity and engagement. our pathbreaking community feature with ai-based ability grouping enables peer learning for real world fit-for-purpose skilling across white, grey, and blue collared workers across the globe.  at byteEDGE, we are re-inventing human potential for the future of work.

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Heide Abelli

  • Adjunct Professor of Management Carroll School of Management – Boston College
  • Former Senior Vice President & General Manager, Business & Leadership Training Solutions – Skillsoft
  • Former Vice President – Harvard Business Publishing
  • Two-decade track record of developing award-winning educational technology platforms and solutions designed to improve employee success in the workplace
  • Credentialled subject matter expert and thought leader in corporate training and leadership development
  • Frequent contributor to Forbes, Chief Learning Officer & more
  • MBA – Harvard Business School

outcome-centric certification and badges

career path

Identifies the skills and certifications needed to transition to a different role (reskilling).

role path

Identifies the skills and certifications needed to transition to the next role level (upskilling).

skill path

identifies the complexity of course content and the recommended order of consumption (functional, intermediate, & advanced).

certification path

Identifies the order in which a learner should consume the certification prep courses.

leveraging comprehensive learning tools for furthering the ESG agenda of businesses

enabling employees, partners and other stakeholders

Environment – commitment towards sustainability

Social Responsibility – contribution towards fairness and social justice

Environment – commitment towards sustainability

Governance – making sensible decisions about future directions of businesses

make it matter

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