discover the future of L&D with generative AI!

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august 2023

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byteEDGE is proud to be the eLearning partner of Seagull Pharmaceuticals, one of the most respected pharmaceutical formulation marketing companies in India. Within the first 90 days, 90% of Seagull professionals, who cater to the ever-growing needs of doctors, have adopted byteEDGE learning platform with 20 average learning hours. The adoption rate and the average learning hours have exceeded way beyond the global standards. And here is what the CEO of Seagull Pharmaceuticals has to say-


conventional training platforms are not only expensive and time consuming, but their effectiveness is less than desired since a salesperson typically does not have the bandwidth to sit in a classroom for extended periods and absorb everything they are taught. byteEDGE gives us the option of self-learning with the flexibility of doing it at the trainee’s convenience.


Salil Malhotra Director – Seagull Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

discover the future of L&D with generative AI!
unlock the power of AI in upskilling and training, reshaping traditional approaches for workforce development. one can see short-term to long-term impacts on L&D as follows:

immediate impact

standalone generative AI wields diverse powers. natural language parsing, self-authoring content, synthetic media, virtual assistance, marketing, personalization, and more.

medium-term impact

embedded AI transforms HR and L&D. intelligent chat, predictive analytics, talent matching, personal marketing, hyper-personalization, and more.

long-term impact

AI-driven enterprises self-learning and self-evolving neural networks & language models self-generated micro-skill taxonomy AI recommended career path simulations auto-assigned project-based role assignments skill-based talent & gig sourcing
byteEDGE at national education policy 2023 event

byteEDGE was to be chosen amongst one of 20 tech startups in education & workforce learning space, who were invited to participate in the akhil bhartiya shiksha samagam (ABSS) 2023, a grand event organized by the ministry of education that brought together 3000 academicians and experts, alongside nearly 2 lakh attendees. the exhibition showcased the best initiatives from the world of school, higher education & the skill ecosystem. besides the chosen startups, exhibitors included Indian knowledge systems, idea labs, state universities, etc.


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