growth mindset cultivation: building a learning culture at workplace

in today’s ever-volatile global market, characterized by relentless technological disruption, staying attuned to current trends is paramount. this is why companies are increasingly emphasizing the cultivation of a growth mindset and a culture of learning. however, despite the known benefits, fostering such a mindset can be challenging. a LinkedIn workplace report revealed that 49% of employees feel they lack the time for personal learning.

elevating business performance: maximizing returns in a knowledge economy

the ROI of learning  did you know that 87 percent of the companies worldwide are suffering from a skill shortage?it’s only natural to hence observe a concurrent surge in the global investment towards upskilling and reskilling programs. amidst this scenario, it’s noteworthy that in 2022, the total training expenditure in the us surpassed the significant milestone of 100 billion dollars for the very first

the power of microlearning: byte-sized training for busy professionals

the modern workforce is often caught anxious, weighed down by an overwhelming array of tasks that seem even more formidable because of the associated time constraints. due to this, the idea of investing time and energy in learning something new seems rather intimidating. learning new skills sometimes doesn’t even make it to the to-do lists of working professionals. however, with the emergence of innovative approaches