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byteEDGE provides comprehensive learning & development solutions for everyone. we aim to ensure people learn & engage and not merely complete the training. we cover most of the domains & job skills that help blue, grey and white-collar workers across geographies. with one of the most extensive course libraries, we are among the few platforms to offer such comprehensive coverage for any organization. customizable and engaging unlimited content in microlearning format, keeping track of kpis, gives us an edge over our contemporaries. also, with the use of ai and deep learnings, an enterprise can create ability groupings within the organization to facilitate peer-to-peer learning in an innovative manner. byte size videos will ensure learning on the go, making it fun or should we just call it edutainment! 

Vision & Mission

Transforming learning for global workforce

to become the most valued learning solution provider enabling people today with skills for tomorrow.

Who are We

Founded by Leaders of the Industry with deep knowledge and decades of expertise in software saas technology, edtech, business solutions, strategy-finance-legal consulting, operations & management and content creation. 

Our focus is to re-invent and transform  how we upskill and reskill the workforce of today. The opportunity we seized to develop human potential across the globe with our innovative approach.

We are a Team

of Professionals

Proven leaders with globally recognized  award winning globally recognized experience in building high performance organization alliances.


Kamal Dutta

CEO & Sales

Akash Gupt

Finance, Investor & Revenue

Neha Gupt

HR, Operations & Impact

Meghna Dutta

Content Development

leadership team

Alok Sinha

Chief Technology Officer

Sanjay Behl

Chief Marketing Officer

Nagesh Banga

B2B2C / Community

advisory board

Amit Bhatia

Neelam Dhawan

Vivek Mehra


A Place where Ideas Grow

Unique Instructions Design for Imparting Domain Skills, Job Skills, Fit-for-purpose Skills, Business-productivity-leadership Skills & Career Skills