L&D needs to adapt to just-in-time learning and learning-just-enough models to get the job done

Business transformation demands constant skilling and upgrading. And that can only happen when L&D strategies and systems are redesigned. In a world where traditional learning systems fail, mobile-first, condensed, and targeted L&D elements prosper. In this conversation with ETHRWorld, Kamal Dutta, Co-Founder byteEdge, explains how organizations should shift to intuitive, just-in-time, and just-enough L&D methods using the right tools. What are the key differences

Welcome to the world of New-Age Learning

The world around us is constantly changing and rapidly evolving, and change is perhaps the only constant. Advancement in technology and science is disrupting every industry and our roles in it. At byteEDGE, we understand your world. In this dynamic landscape, byteEDGE is revolutionizing new-age learning and embracing the latest trends in the L&D space. To keep up in this fast-paced world, we need

Does your leadership development program leverage all five adult learning theories? Here’s why it should

What are the five models of adult learning theory, and how can L&D leaders develop an effective leadership development program that incorporates elements grounded in all five theories? Most organizations embrace the tenet that developing strong leaders is paramount to both short- and long-term organizational success. Significant resources are plowed into leadership development programs. Yet there is frustration that despite investment, dedication and commitment