revolutionary multi-lingual content for democratized learning

modern rich media for immersive learning

domain-specific competency journeys

fit-for-purpose skilling delivered in micro-reels

learning habit builder & tracker with in-platform nudging

revolutionary multi-lingual content for democratized learning

learning habit builder & tracker with in-platform nudging

modern rich media for immersive learning

domain job specific
competency journeys

fit for purpose skilling delivered in microreels

Be Curious

  • Needs of a Modern Learner

    • unique edutainment modelling to engineer curiosity
    • Just in time learning in the flow of work & life
    • Distinct Instructional design framework drives completion
    • Domain specific skills - to help him perform better
    • Hyper-personalised courses based on cognitive learning
    • Peer Learning Enabled in Ability Groups
    • Social and Community Learning

  • Needs of a Modern Business

    • acceleration of innovation for competitive edge
    • right skills for right roles to improve efficiency and productivity
    • adaptive career journeys, adjacent skills and talent management
    • Driving Employee Engagement and Business Outcomes
    • purpose built for future of work

  • Needs of a Modern L&D

    • micro learning & hyper immersive content drive adoption
    • Dedicated Onsite Customer Success Manager
    • Personalized Domain, Custom Content, Reporting and Analytics
    • cut cost, increase adoption, drive business outcomes
    • Democratized Across White/ Blue and Grey Workers
    • Multi Lingual and Multi Regional
    • Domain Specific & Role specific Content that Matters
    • User Data Analytics and Reporting

did you know ?

reimagine modern learning

unique approach that drives high learner engagement, continuous learning and workforce transformation at a scale and speed that was not possible previously
  • pathbreaking ai-driven hyper-personalized micro-reels to engineer curiosity of learners
  • user-generated content in the community of ability groups that drives engagement
  • leapfrog current instructor-based delivery models to wholly immersive rich media
  • pathbreaking multilingual /multi-regional deployment flexibility
  • blending instructional designed courses with user-generated content & industry-specific content
  • in-platform frequent learner engagements drives reduce inhouse l&d involvement
  • role-specific journeys for white, blue and grey collar workers
  • Powerful analytics with data visualization and reporting dashboards
  • custom content, hosting and branding for enterprises
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