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The world around us is constantly changing and rapidly evolving. Change is the only constant. Advancement in technology and science is disrupting every industry and our roles in it. To keep up in this fast paced world we need to upskill, reskill and continuously learn every day.  

 At  ByteEdge we are solving for these challenges with a new and modern approach by reinventing the way we learn, by engineering curiosity and delivering rich immersive media skills in micro bytes videos


You will be able to learn new job skills, technologies, concepts, and techniques just in time, just enough and just where you need it.


With hundreds of courses designed to meet every career goal, hyper personalized based on your skills and passions, lessons that are crisp and immerses you in the world or learning.

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ByteEdge provide comprehensive learning & development solutions for everyone. Our aim is to ensure people learn & engage and not merely complete the trainings. We cover all domain & job skills, helps blue, grey and white-collar workers across geographies. No learning platform in the world is currently able to provide such wide coverage in an organization. Besides access to an unlimited library of content, we will customize your learning content into engaging micro learning formats specifically for your employees and help track the KPIs, Use AI & Deep Learning to significantly enhance learner engagement with Ability Groupings & microlearning techniques. An enterprise can create ability groupings within the organization to facilitate peer to peer learning in an innovative manner. Byte size videos will ensure learning on the go and true reel style learning or should we say edutainment. 


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